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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 27, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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for at least 12 months. after that, you've got britbox with the best of british, which all our polling says and all the work we've done says people really, really want, giving access to that — and, by the way, any money we can make out of that we can invest back into content. but the challenges for any new entrant to this market are immense. us giants disney and at&t are launching their own streaming services later this year. that's on top of glitzy offerings from hulu and amazon, and the near colonisation of younger minds by the digital narnia that is youtube. in the age of super—abundant choice, tv‘s consumers are winning. for content providers, this is war. many of them are clubbing together in a bid to capture eyeballs and achieve scale, but they know that the future of television belongs to those who own the rights to tv programmes. these days, that's often independent production companies rather than broadcasters. that's why, alongside this new gambit in distribution, the bbc and itv have been making aggressive moves in
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the production sector, too. i'm cooperating! don't shoot! it seems strange in retrospect that british broadcasters have so willingly allowed netflix to license their best content, growing dizzyingly rich in the process. i need to explain! netflix is in over 10 million homes, and the existing audience is in decline on linear television, and they really need to get out there and try and attract audiences away from the netflixes of the world. exactly what content on the glorious archive will be available is still not clear. nor is the price or launch date. securing a strong future for british television will require plenty more thinking outside the britbox. amol rajan, bbc news. newsnight is getting under way on bbc two with kirsty.
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hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm holly hamilton. liverpool retain the top spot, as a 5—star display keeps them ahead of manchester city in the premier league title race. the countdown to the world cup is on, as england women kick off the shebelieves cup against brazil in freezing philadelphia. big—hitting england smash their way to victory in the 4th one—dayer against the west indies. hello and welcome to the programme.
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we start with a very busy evening in the premier league with the whole of the top 7 all in action. but some of the attention was off the pitch at stamford bridge, where chelsea's much talked about goalkeeper keppa arrizzabalaga was dropped to the bench for tonight's game against spurs. in the end though, that made little difference on the pitch as nick parrott reports. three days after he should've come up three days after he should've come up on the final, he finally got onto the pitch for chelsea. the misunderstanding between manager and hammett resolved with a fine, and a place on the bench. the rest of the tea m place on the bench. the rest of the team took time to reassert their authority. rattling tottenham early on, was as good as it got for chelsea in the first half. the visitors were no better, much to their relief. almost an hour passed before there was a shot on target, but pedro made it count for chelsea.
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totte n ha m but pedro made it count for chelsea. tottenham manager moritz el says his tea m tottenham manager moritz el says his team don't have the mindset to win the league. chelsea went went this season the league. chelsea went went this season either, but pedro showed the qualities a champion needs, battling in defence, as well as attack. sprays could only manage a single shot on target from karen, as you see hugo makes the headlines, rather than the other. as mentioned it's been a busy night in the premier league. i'm joined by our reporter adam wild. liverpool empa htic win at home to watford, underwhelming on sunday — inspired tonight.. very comfortable for them indeed this evening, liverpool and emphatic when at home to watford. they wear, as you say, underwhelming on sunday. 5- as you say, underwhelming on sunday. 5— nail, they ran out when is this evening, to goes from them in the first half, the second one, if you haven't seen it yet, quite an extra nagel. reeling in from around 12 yards. quite an extraordinary goal
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in the second half more goals from virgil, two in a manner of moments for him. very comfortable win for them. of course that wasn't the only match this evening, we have plenty of more but we need to hear about the man from himself. these boys are outstanding, and today they showed so much passion, as well as how smart they are, how good they are, and how good we are in the positions, how good we are at making offers. having and scoring wonderful goals, to be honest, but you have to be there. especially when you make a change, and how he adapted to it, the game of mobile was incredible, after not having a lot of games. scoring a brilliant goal. that is a happier man and a sign sunday at manchester city now, obviously in this tight battle for the top spot, he made the difference
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tonight. intensively said that over the last few years, manchester city, they we re few years, manchester city, they were made to wait for it this evening, manwell pellegrini up against his former side. they held out until the second half before sergio aguero gave manchester city the lead from the penalty spot in the second half. that turned out to be the only goal they needed to keep the pressure up on liverpool. stilljust that one point behind the leaders. here's city boss pep guardiola. really tough game for the fact of the result, but to the performance was incredible. so we played incredibly well. that that the chances we missed, it was important that we won. that means a lot, we defended perfectly, and the long balls took care of antonio. the way we played was fantastic. as for arsenal, i couldn't keep up at one point. five different scorers tonight. very, very comfortable indeed for arsenal. they made 6 changes going into this
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one against bournemouth, hoping to tighten their grip on fourth place. remember they've also got that north london derby coming up at the weekend so a great time to hit some goal—scoring form. 5—1 the score at the emirates, mesut ozil amongst the scorers there. mkhitayran, koschielney, aubemeyang and lacazette also amongst the goals. that's their eighth straight home win in the premier league now. so they're in good shape heading to tottenham on saturday. got through three of teenage games, but there was more of that. let's get the rest of those results then. so just confirmation of those results then. elsewhere, romalu lukaku scoring twice for manchester united. despite their injury concerns they beat crystal palace 3—1. so they remain just a point behind arsenal. and the future gets more and more bleak by the day for fulham. beaten 2—0 by southampton tonight. saints now out of the relegations zone but fulham deep in trouble down the bottom.
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asi as i say, it's been a busy day hasn't it adam 7 as i say, it's been a busy day hasn't it adam? my football to come, but we have to leave it there. thank you so much. later on we will be looking at england's opener at that she believes cap, but first here's a quick look at the other stories making headlines today. barcelona are through to the final of the copa del rey after a 3—0 nil win at rivals real madrid. luis suarez scored twice, either side of a raphael varane own goal, to take barcelona through 4—1 on aggregate. real won't have to wait long for revenge — the two sides meet again in the league this saturday. britain's elinor barker claimed the first gold medal of the uci track cycling world championships in poland. in a dramatic finale in the women's scratch race — including a crash in the penultimate lap — barker held off the reigning champion, kirsten wild of the netherlands, to improve on her second place finish from two years ago. manu tuilagi says he'll take some time after the six nations to make a "massive decision" over his club future. the leicester and england
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centre is weighing up an offer from french giants racing 92 to move to paris after the rugby world cup. tuilagi would be unavailable for england selection if he opts to go. back to football and the scottish premiership where this evening, neil lennon returned to celtic for his first game back in charge... fans though were clear on what they thought of brendan rogers decision to leave. they unveiled a banner before the game suggesting rodgers has traded immortality for mediocrity. the game was a tad more stressful for celtic than they would have liked as odsonne edouard's last gasp winner in stoppage time eventually giving them a 2—1 victory. with just 100 days to go until the start of the women's world cup, england are under pressure to perform at this year's she believes cup
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in the united states.. england's opener with brazil is under way... let's take you live to pennsylvania where it's xx minutes into the second half. england leading to— one. brazil had taken the lead after andressa alves put away a controverisal penalty in the first half. after the break ellen white equalised — proving exactly why she's england's top goal—scorer in this competition. england were runners up here last year and will be looking to put bath has given england the lead. they were runners—up last year, and looking to put on a on a performance here ahead of the world cup in france later this year. you will have more of that on our website, but for now let's turn to crickets. england have one in the west indies and granada. they won by 29 runs but that doesn't tell the full story. a record—breaking performance from englands batsmen helped them
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reach a18 in their 50 overs. a huge century from bothjos buttler and one from captain eoin morgan put the tourists well in control. in reply though, west indies were making a fight of it, thanks chiefly to chris gayle who hit a brilliant 162. they were on course for an extraordinary victory before their bottom order completely collapsed, losing their last four wickets without scoring a single run. 389 all out gives england a 2—1 lead in the five match series. that's all from sportsday. it was a busy one. coming up in a moment, the papers. buy from me.
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hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the author and journalist rachel shabi, and the former trade minister lord digbyjones. we will hear from both of them in a moment. the majority of the papers lead with the same story. the financial times headlines "trump labelled a racist, cheat and con man". that's according to his former lawyer, michael cohen. the comments were made during his congressional hearing in washington. also using the same headline is the telegraph. it pictures cohen swearing under oath in congress at the start of his tribunal where he denounces the president on hush money and claims he is a conman. the metro says the "truth about trump" as it reports that michael cohen called the us president a racist and said he called black people stupid. whilst the hearing was taking place, president trump met with north korean leader kimjong—un
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in hanoi for their second summit. there is a photograph of that on the front of the guardian. the leaders were meeting to discuss the potential de—nuclearisation of the korean peninsula. they are pictured on the front of the guardian. sticking with politics, but on the other side of the pond, "corbyn‘s hateful new low" is how the daily mail describes how the labour leader was allegedly forced to suspend one of its mps chris williamson over anti—semitic comments. the duke of cambridge features on the mirror after they report he shamed football clubs for exploiting young players and not caring about their mental health. prince william is the president of the football association and said, "we've got to change the way we look after players" wright, rachel and digby, wright, racheland digby, let's plunge straight in rachel with the daily telegraph, a striking picture of michael cohen swearing the oath, to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth but as
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some of the republican congressman pointed out, he is a liar. and he said he was as well during the hearing, but yes, it is true that the republicans have been very determined to tarnish this man, as he in turn, lays bare his time as donald trump's fixer, which he was for ten years. he is the one that is characterised trump as a racist, a con man, and achieved. during this very long hearing, which was a, it's a committee that's investigating trump's potential flouting of campaign election rules, and also his business practises. during this, i think it was 4—5 hours, various things came to light. there are accusations that he hasn't paid off pawn stars —— per night if he stars, canape pawn stars —— per night if he stars, ca nape than hush pawn stars —— per night if he stars, canape than hush money to reveal that he has not been involved with
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them during the hearing michael cohen held up a check that he said was given to him by trump for that purpose. we have also heard that trump knew that there were attempts made to courtney with wikileaks around the leaking of the dnc‘s e—mails. the ones, the content e—mails, the ones that were used, the timing of which was used to undermine her election campaign. so all kinds of very explosive revelations came out in the course of this hearing. also he was saying that this is the bet that i found quite excruciating, more so than the rest of it perhaps. this is again, we have only got michael collins word for it, but he claims that trump isa word for it, but he claims that trump is a racist but the things that he has said in public do not compare to the things that he's said in private. apparently at one point
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